Kota and Christie at the WI Sheep and Wool Festival

My name is R.C. Ketring but you will find most people call me Christie. I have a B.S. in Animal Industries Management from U of M in Crookston. I did not grow up on a farm but seeked it out and have been taking it all in since! I have experience working with beef, dairy, sheep, and horses and working stock dogs. I specialize in dairy calf care and sheep flock management. Currently I manage my own flock of 20-30 ewes and manage youngstock care for my partners dairy farm.

The entrance to Lulich Farm is occupied by the Happy Cow

The Lulich Farm, named for my partners family, is managed progressively. We practice rotational grazing and cropping, nutrient management, wildlife protection, and natural supplementation of our livestock. The farm has approximately 200 acres in crops, pastures, and hay fields. We market livestock and hay off the farm. The dairy milks 60 Holstein cows in a traditional barn. All calves are fed whole milk until they are weaned and then fed a farm grown grain ration. The sheep flock is composed of hair breeds that are raised for the lamb market. Emphasis is placed on hardiness, muscle growth, and grazing in the sheep flock. We currently use two Australian Cattle Dogs as aids in the livestock handling, they are also our companions.

Kota aka Red Cakes, Kokodoe

Kota is a 2005 red heeler, ACD, purchased from a beef ranch in Fargo, ND. Kota is a very responsive header dog (dogs who like to redirect or stop cattle by the nose)…hard to retrain to a heel position. She is coming into an age where her working habits are more refined. She is very much a “beef” dog and can be an aggressive heeler, pusher, for loading trailers. At the farm she helps move milk cows out of the barn at the end of the day and she also will wait on cue to nudge cattle to a standing position for milking. Kota can work the sheep and is very gentle with lambs. Kota is a typical “Micromanager” heeler and constantly lets other animals on the farm know what “she believes” they can and can not do!

Tokien aka Terrible T

Tokien is a 2009 blue heeler purchased from a former dairy farm by Eau Claire, WI. Tokien is still very much in training and has not finished farm yard discipline and boundaries. His heeling ability is very keen and can work cattle alone with Joes direction. Tokien has learned to “load up” onto the 4-wheeler to assist with checking pastures. Unlike Kota, who lives to please, Tokien lives to fetch and swim. He is a very helpful dog and will show up to the sound of people moving and cursing at belligerent cattle. His responsiveness has been a blessing while working our resident dairy bulls. Dairy bulls can become quite aggressive, but ours fear and respect dogs.



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